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Hannah Davis' tomboy taste

Hannah Davis' tomboy taste

Hannah Davis is a tomboy at heart.

The 25-year-old Sports Illustrated model regularly shows off her figure in stunning bikinis and swimsuits. But off-duty, she likes to keep her look simple and casual.

“No heels, always a flip-flop,” she told the American edition of Vogue. “Bring sarongs because you can always make it in what you want to. I also like to be able to pair it with sneakers... I’m sort of a tomboy at heart.”

The Project Runway Juniors host was raised on the Caribbean island of Saint Thomas. Having the sun outside her window day in, day out definitely dictated her wardrobe. Hannah added to the outlet that for her it was always about T-shirts, sarongs and denim shorts.

“I think anytime you grow up somewhere where it’s warm year-round, summer is the main focus,” she said.

Hannah has appeared in Sports Illustrated every year since 2013 and landed the cover of the brands famed swimsuit edition this year. The beauty knows how to work a bikini, and offered her top tips on how to carefully balance looking good with getting the best tan when on the beach or by the pool.

“I try to switch it up every day,” she said. “Halter one day, strapless the next. You never get a tan line on top, but if I’m really just laying out, then I take a strapless bathing suit with me.”

Hannah thinks swimwear should be worked into a person’s holiday wardrobe even if they aren’t a prolific sunbather.

“Keep it casual with a one-piece or rash guard - it looks like you’re going to the beach,” she suggested. “Also, you don’t have to wear a bra.”

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