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Hailey Baldwin's 'tomboy' style is inspired by Rihanna

FashionBy Sunday World
Hailey Baldwin's 'tomboy' style is inspired by Rihanna

Hailey Baldwin's "tomboy" style has been inspired by Rihanna.

The 19-year-old model has admitted the 'Work' hitmaker has had a strong influence over her wardrobe choices because her outfits "push" a lot of boundaries in fashion, which is what Hailey admires and tries to emulate with her ensembles.

Speaking about her style muse to, the blonde beauty said: "People I work with, and [people I] look up to.

"I love Rihanna, I think her style just pushes a lot of boundaries.

"My tomboy side takes inspiration from her."

Although Hailey - who is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin and his wife Kennya - looks to celebrities for inspiration, she has admitted she tries to keep her outfits true to herself; "simple and chic" but also a "little bit edgy".

She explained: "I keep it true to myself--simple and chic and classic, but at the same time a little bit edgy.

"All black everything, [a] pair of jeans, boots or heeled boots, and a leather jacket.

"I have to stop buying so many because it's getting ridiculous!"

And Hailey - who has starred in fashion campaigns for designer brands Tommy Hilfiger, Guess and Moschino - has revealed she is looking forward to Saint Laurent's upcoming fashion range after Anthony Vaccarello took over the brand as creative director.

She said: "New Saint Laurent, because Anthony [Vaccarello] has taken over--now that's going to be interesting."

Meanwhile, Hailey has admitted she won't "ever" consider herself a supermodel and doesn't credit herself as being on the "same level" as her catwalk icon pals Kendall Jenner, 20, and Gigi Hadid, 21.

Speaking previously, she said: "I'm not on the same level as Gigi and Kendall.

"We're not in the same place in our careers.

"[I do] not ever consider myself a supermodel."