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Guo Pei worried RIhanna couldn't 'handle' her Met Gala dress

Guo Pei worried RIhanna couldn't 'handle' her Met Gala dress

Guo Pei worried RIhanna wouldn't be able to "handle" wearing her enormous yellow gown to this year's Met Ball.

The 48-year-old fashion designer made headlines after it was revealed she had spent two years crafting the canary-yellow fur-adorned cape and was thrilled when the 'Rude Boy' hitmaker requested to wear it.

However, Guo has since admitted she was concerned Rihanna, 27, wouldn't be able to cope with the dress' substantial weight and worried she would pull out of wearing the design if she discovered she would be carrying a huge 25kg of fabric.

She explained: "When Rihanna first saw the dress, she said, 'It's so beautiful', but I wasn't so sure that she could handle it.

"It was only after she appeared on the red carpet that she sent an email asking how heavy it was. I told her - 25 kg (55lb). I couldn't tell her before because I was afraid she'd say she couldn't wear it."

Fortunately the raven-haired beauty was able to take the garment's weight in her stride and called on a team of three assistants to follow her around the prestigious New York gala to adjust the train, which quickly attracted a great deal of attention on social media due to its vibrant colour and sheer size.

Overnight , memes appeared on the internet comparing the gown to a host of foodstuffs, including a beef pasty and an omelette, but Guo insists she found the pictures amusing.

She told BBC News: "A friend of mine sent me one of the pictures, and said she thought the dress looked like an omelette.

"She said she hoped I didn't mind the comment and I said, 'Yes I agree, it does look like an omelette!'

"Actually when me and my husband saw some of the photos they gave us an appetite!

"I felt that if the dress could stimulate people's imagination and make them laugh then it has made entertainment as a result."