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Guillaume Henry gushes over cat-like muse

Guillaume Henry gushes over cat-like muse

Guillaume Henry sees Nina Ricci as a woman.

The 36-year-old designer is currently the creative director of the fashion house after being appointed last year. Prior to this he helmed Carven for five years, transforming the label into a firm favourite in the industry and on red carpets.

It's been a big change for Guillaume design-wise, but he feels completely in his element in his new role.

“People inspire me more than fashion,” he told W magazine, citing fellow French star Mohini Geisweiller as his muse, having featured her music in one of his Carven shows.

Guillaume also feels her confidence helps inspire his work at his current brand, adding: “She’s fascinating, diaphanous, a bit of a loner - like an untamed cat. Carven was a girl. Nina Ricci is a woman.”

When Guillaume isn't busy working, he spends time with his partner of seven years, Eric Chevallier, visual director of Colette. When their hectic schedules ease up, the couple like to escape to nearby getaways such as Château de Bourron in France, and Guillaume never leaves empty handed.

“I’m the worst on a trip, because I leave with one suitcase and come back with three," he laughed.

“It’s my dream to live in a white cube,” Eric added. “But it’ll never happen. Before I met Guillaume, I was fine with the South of France, but now it’s Rajasthan or Machu Picchu or Tanzania."

They reside in an apartment near the Palais-Royal in Paris and their home is full of colourful knickknacks and ornaments. The couple have even worked together over the years, with Eric catering to the Carven boutiques with his furniture and interior designer skills.

“Once I started working, I began collecting vintage. My style was flea market,” Guillaume explained. “I think our things blend really well together.”

They even revealed how they met during their interview, with Eric recalling how he kissed Guillaume's neck while out at Chacha Club in Paris before he knocked his now-boyfriend's phone out of his hand with a dance move.

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