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Guess took designs back in time to reel in younger audience

Guess took designs back in time to reel in younger audience

Guess co-founder Paul Marciano took the brand “back to square one” to appeal to today’s vintage-loving younger generation.

Marciano founded the luxury label back in 1981 alongside his brothers Maurice, Georges and Armand and, over three decades later, sales are still booming. When it comes to appealing to today’s Millennials, the fashion expert turned to his children Ella, 22, and Nicolai, 20, to provide him with an insight into their style desires.

“I don’t even know the last time my kids went into a shopping centre. And Ella was the first to make me realise that the new generation doesn’t have that much loyalty about anything. They change their minds so fast, they have zero focus on loyalty - except if it’s a pair of shoes that are very comfortable, and a handbag that will be special,” he explained to WWD. “Because the availability of so much product makes almost everything less interesting, they want to be different. So they buy vintage pieces. So we go back to square one and create things that people have not seen for the last 25 years. We come full circle.”

It was Nicolai’s chance meeting with rapper A$AP Rocky that landed him Guess’ Originals capsule collection in 2016, leading to fashion fans queuing for hours outside stores to get their hands on the pieces.

As time goes on Marciano isn’t afraid to make “hard choices” in helping the business grow, insisting reorganising and adapting is just part of the game. He’s open to expanding Guess in the future and after previously acquiring and selling French brand Iro, there’s a drive to do the same again.

“We are looking at maybe even creating and acquiring some small brands that will fit under the same vision,” he added. “Maybe beach, maybe handbags, maybe more selective and limited. We’re looking at many things now, which will be public in the next few months.”

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