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Gucci's Alessandro Michele 'hates' documentary on Frida Giannini

Gucci's Alessandro Michele 'hates' documentary on Frida Giannini

Alessandro Michele wishes he could "destroy" a documentary about former Gucci designer Frida Giannini.

The Italian fashion star previously worked as head accessories designer at the Florence-based brand under Giannini's helm for almost 10 years and the pair shared a strained relationship, which was hinted at in the 2013 James Franco-produced documentary The Director: An Evolution in Three Acts. In one scene Michele describes the fashionista as like a "half sister", before she insults his work by calling it "useless" and "horrible".

"I tried to survive, to be very professional," he told, looking back on the time. "I mean, I hate that movie. If I can, I wanted to destroy it. It’s like seeing a movie of your ex-relation that was so bad. You don’t want to look - I mean, you are curious just to see how you don’t want to be anymore. That’s it."

Although Michele admits he contemplated quitting the industry all together after his tough time at Gucci, the brand’s CEO Marco Bizzarri was quick to invite him for a chat following Giannini's departure in 2014.

The businessman recalls how "something clicked" when discussing the job with Michele and was blown away by his knowledge of the label.

"He knew everything," Bizzarri said. "In a company like Gucci, you can lose millions and millions in a second. It could've been much easier for me to appoint someone famous."

Michele was then tasked with creating an entire menswear collection in just five days as an audition and while the range didn't go down a hit, differing entirely from Giannini’s aesthetic, he won the role.

"At the beginning, I remember, everyone was like, 'My God, this person - please give us back Frida,'" Bizzarri revealed, but it was Michele's fashion show just a month later in February 2015 than really won people over with its feminine and quirky looks.

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