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Grace Hartzel chopped her hair off for Vogue shoot

Grace Hartzel chopped her hair off for Vogue shoot

Grace Hartzel’s new short hairstyle is influenced by rockers Blondie and Joan Jett.

The American model is no stranger to changing her hair for fashion, and credits cutting herself a fringe with launching her career after Hedi Slimane cast her exclusively in his Saint Laurent shows.

When U.S. Vogue wanted a model to be part of an about-face haircut editorial they called on Grace, with super hairstylist Guido Palau creating the chipped look.

“We had been texting and (sending) Instagram photos,” Grace explained to Vogue. “We wanted it to be a collaboration. He had this one photo of Blondie that was really cool—it’s a lot like my hair—but we wanted to mix that with Joan Jett and a bit of the Chelsea cut, where they shave the back of their heads and the rest of it is long in front of the ears, with short fringe. But we definitely wanted to create something new. We would sit and talk, cut a little bit, talk some more. Then the next day he cut some more. It was a process.”

The resulting look is a punk-inspired shaggy cut which Grace says works brilliantly in her adopted city of Berlin, where the creative residents may still consider her hair “boring” compared to their own extreme and unique styles.

Grace has had a great reaction to her new locks though and says she loves styling it in different ways.

“If I go out, I can gel up the top part, which is shorter than the rest, and make it into kind of a Mohawk. But I’ve been a bit lazy! It’s cool, because now I don’t have to wash my hair (that often). It’s healthier for your hair to let all of the oils do their thing,” she advised.

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