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Grace Coddington tapped by Tiffany & Co.

Grace Coddington tapped by Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. has appointed Grace Coddington as its first ever outside creative partner.

The former Vogue creative director has been kept busy since departing her role at the prestigious magazine earlier this year (16), with ventures such as launching her own perfume. Now, the famous jewellery brand has tapped Grace to lend her expertise to its projects, the first being its upcoming fall 16 campaign. It's currently in production in New York with Grace styling, but no further details have been revealed.

“Tiffany - and its famed Blue Box - has always held special meaning for me," Grace smiled to WWD. "To me, this is not just an ad campaign, but an opportunity to portray a legendary house of luxury through modern portraits of uniquely talented subjects. Each perfectly reflects, in her own way, Tiffany’s most iconic collections."

The 75-year-old fashionista's timeless style is perfect for this position, according to Tiffany's brand office Caroline Naggiar. She wanted the best creative talents behind and in front of the camera to reflect the company's "iconic" collections, suggesting famous names may be posing in them.

Grace's debut campaign will feature multiple lines and will first appear in the September (16) issues of luxury, fashion, lifestyle and travel publications. It will be on Tiffany's social and digital platforms too, running through the holiday season.

For those who know Grace, they will be familiar with her vivid red frizzy hair and her unique taste in clothes and accessories. Speaking back in February (16) ahead of launching her own rose-based perfume, the star recalled how different eras equalled different smells and aesthetic.

"It was this whole Chanel thing - the height of the glitziness that I didn’t necessarily love, but if you worked at American Vogue, you had to be part of that aesthetic," she reflected about the year 1988. "You had to have a Chanel jacket no matter what. I tried to follow along, and I wore big red Chanel jackets and tons of jewellery, but it really wasn’t me. Let’s just say that when things went to grunge, I was very happy!"

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