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Grace Coddington's first kiss happened when she first wore lipstick

Grace Coddington's first kiss happened when she first wore lipstick

Grace Coddington had her first kiss when she first wore lipstick.

The 75-year-old former model - who began her career at 17 years old after winning the Young Model competition for the publication - has revealed she donned a pearlescent shade of lip colour to make herself more attractive to her boyfriend, which led her to her first smooch, although the magical moment almost made her faint.

Speaking to Into The Gloss website about her sister's beauty tips, the red headed fashion icon - who was the creative director at large of American Vogue magazine - said: "There's a funny story from when I was younger--I had this boyfriend and I guess I was 14 or something, and I had an older sister and I kept saying, 'Oh, I'm so in love. I'm so in love.' And she kept saying, 'Has he kissed you yet? Well, you know, if you make yourself more attractive, I'm sure he'll kiss you. You should put some lipstick on.'

"So she lent me her lipstick. It was probably 1955, something like that. So the colour might have been something like a pearlized pink. Anyway, I put this lipstick on, and my boyfriend arrived at the door, and I got my first kiss. And I fainted!

"But lipstick did the trick for me, obviously!"

Grace has noticed a large difference in the fashion industry, in particular more stylists are on board to assist with photo shoots, although she was left to apply her own make-up.

She explained: "In those days, one used to do one's own makeup as a model. For shoots and shows, you did your own hair, you did your own makeup, so you were taught how to do a chignon and how to curl your hair, how to backcomb your hair. And then for advertising, you brought your own shoes and jewellery and stuff like that."

However, Grace has become an advocate for wearing little make-up since she hung up her fashion reins.

She explained: "When I stopped modelling in '67, I really didn't wear any makeup at all. If I went out, there were no red carpets, so you weren't really photographed. I would get dressed up to go to a club. But I would wear three layers of false.

"Makeup is a part of my everyday life but I do try to play it down. I wear as little as I can get away with."