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Grace Coddington never thought she would be a model

Grace Coddington never thought she would be a model

Grace Coddington never thought she would be a model.

The 75-year-old former catwalk icon and creative director at large of American Vogue magazine has admitted she always believed she would continue to work in her mother's hotel and never predicted she would venture into the fashion industry when she was younger, although she had a change of heart as a teenager.

Speaking to about her career path, she said: "Not at all. At that age I probably thought I'd live the rest of my life in North Wales and work in my mother's hotel or something.

"I changed that point of view when I was a teenager, but I wasn't someone who was always wondering what I'd do when I grew up."

However, the flame-haired fashion mogul has revealed she is disappointed with the fashion industry and how it has changed, and would much prefer to return to the days when she would be able to jet off to luxurious destinations for a long shoot.

She explained: "Nowadays, shoots are one day/two days maximum because of time and budgets so you can't go very far.

"Our days are so busy and we're running around all over the place. We have our own little office outside of Vogue and I'm dodging about all the time, visiting people and doing those fun things I haven't done in 30 years."

Meanwhile Grace - who has recently launched her second biopic 'Grace: The American Vogue Years' - has admitted she hasn't ever had any "disasters" during her long standing career at the helm of the fashion industry.

She explained: "I can't think of any disasters.

" But, anyway, afterwards you forget the difficulties, it's a bit like childbirth - you forget the pain because you've got the lovely baby and that's what matters."