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Givenchy goes sophisticated with new bag

Givenchy goes sophisticated with new bag

Riccardo Tisci goes with his gut when designing bags.

The Givenchy boss, whose loyal clients Kim Kardashian and Madonna love wearing his daring designs on the red carpet, hit a roadblock when it came to making bags for “elegant, sophisticated and mature women”. He knew he was in trouble when he couldn’t find the right bag to gift his 60-year-old sister, so set about making his new creation, Horizon.

“I’m always experimenting with the bags, going with my gut. When everyone was doing hard bags, I would do soft bags. I’ve been exploring. When you’re learning something, you experiment more and you take more risks,” he told WWD

“I wanted to launch a more classic bag, more for a mature woman: with less metal, more elegance, more chic, more luxurious-looking.”

The Horizon hits shelves from 1 June (16), and will be available in three sizes in leather or suede, with prices ranging from $1,900 (£1,300) to $2,690 (£1,800).

Along with his current offerings, Tisci hopes to one day develop jewellery and an underwear line, calling both ideas a “work in progress”.

In 2015 he added another string to his bow, when the 41-year-old took on designing Givenchy boutiques.

“It’s always been my dream to set up a lifestyle for the brand,” he admitted. “I want to define the house and not only do a beautiful fashion show, but develop a beautiful lifestyle.”

His continued goal for the brand is to make the Givenchy identity stronger and stronger, but says the way to do that is to be himself and not follow trends.

“I’m mature and I’m different, but I’m born as a daring designer and I’m going to die as a daring designer. That is me,” he smiled. “(At the Met Gala) I brought Madonna and she was super outrageous, and Beyonce as well, because that is me and these women relate to me. I’m going to do things in a different way, because a good designer needs to keep up with the times.”

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