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Giorgio Armani: 'Sport is good for the soul'

Giorgio Armani: 'Sport is good for the soul'

Giorgio Armani is passionate about sport as it encourages commitment and willpower.

The Italian designer has launched exhibition Emotions of the Athletic Body at his Milan-based museum, Armani/Silos. It marks his third fitness-inspired display and in a new interview with, Giorgio explained what fascinates him about the field of sport.

“It’s true, sport is a genuine passion of mine – I like it because it encourages the qualities that, in my opinion, help improve a person: commitment, sacrifice, tenacity and willpower,” he explained. “It’s good for the body and the soul because it shows that without commitment there is no success. This is why I always gladly collaborate with athletes. Of course, the muscular build of athletes is always a challenge for a designer, but my clothing’s softness and comfort, which are central aspects of my stylistic vision, allow it to effortlessly adapt to various physical builds.”

The exhibit sees a race track floor lead guests through the rooms, full of photos of various athletes including former soccer star David Beckham and tennis player Rafael Nadal pulling striking poses. Sculptures also feature, with one of the most eye-catching images being a shot of the famous Davide Zongoli by Kurt Markus from 2014, which shows aerialist Davide balancing on a giant sphere with just one hand.

“The plan for the Silos has always been that it should be a home for temporary exhibitions as well as for my permanent collection of work,” Giorgio said of his building. “It is also a centre for learning, and as part of its mission to educate it should host work that inspires and enlightens people. Emotions of the Athletic Body is the first of what I hope will be many exhibitions where we give over our space to great work by creative people.”

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