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Giorgio Armani dissects sport's impact on fashion

Giorgio Armani dissects sport's impact on fashion

Giorgio Armani has discussed the way sport has a continuing impact on mainstream fashion.

The Italian designer has a long held interest in the sporting world since founding his brand in 1975, and over the years has dressed Italy’s Olympians, the England national football team, and stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham and Serena Williams.

Following the unveiling of his Milan exhibition, titled Emotions of the Athletic Body, Armani has discussed sportswear’s pervading influence on streetwear and sneaker culture.

“I have always been fascinated by the values of sport and loved its rituals; in fact, since ancient times sport has been a byword for top physical prowess and spectacular athletic performance,” he told High Snobiety. “Sports will always be important in global culture, and so fashion, as a reflection of cultural trends, will always incorporate influences from sports.”

The 82-year-old adds that when an athlete dons an Armani suit, it immediately gives them a sense of confidence. Though he admits that dressing various sportspeople has its challenges.

“Of course, the muscular build of athletes is always a challenge for a designer, but my clothing’s softness and comfort, which are central aspects of my stylistic vision, allow it to adapt to various physical builds effortlessly,” he explained. “The stars I have worked with not only look good in my clothes, but they also embody a spirit of dedication and hard work that I relate to and admire.”

Armani is also a big basketball fan and is an owner of the EA7 Emporio Armani Milano team. And the industry veteran believes part of the reason basketball clothing often crosses over into streetwear is due to the international popularity of the game.

“Basketball footwear, in particular, has resonated off the court in a significant way,” he shared.

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