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Giles Deacon's ethereal couture collection

Giles Deacon's ethereal couture collection

Giles Deacon wants a sense of "dark romance fizzing" within his upcoming couture show.

On Monday (25Jan16) it was announced that the British designer will be dropping his London Fashion Week show in favour of the Haute Couture presentations in Paris in July (16). With the help of organisation Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, Deacon will be showcasing his fall collection at the French capital's Grand Palais.

"It’s most definitely going to be very ethereal," he explained to "I think there’s going to be some elements of dark romance fizzing within it, and some really - I hope! - Intriguing work within the manipulation of fabric, the embellishments that we’re really well known for, and the print work. (The goal is) to really engineer and to really get those aspects all working together.”

Deacon thinks his womenswear brand, which he launched over a decade ago after stints at Bottega Veneta and Tom Ford, can now expand its couture pieces for private clients and red carpets. The team is currently releasing 100 garments, but the fashion star hopes to increase it 250.

"So that obviously means increasing the atelier team here in London, which we’re in the process of doing, but we’ve already got some super-super-skilled people who work here and who have worked for me for five or six years," he smiled.

With famous fans in the form of Eva Longoria and Karen Elson, there's no doubt his creations will be even more in demand after expansion. It may not be a cliché route for a designer to go down, giving more attention to couture, but Deacon feels this is an area which is growing for him.

“Over the last four or five years, we’ve been increasing quite dramatically the amount of private clients and couture pieces that we’ve done in-house for shows and on the red carpet as well,” he added. “It’s a definite growth area for us. It’s interesting that there are long conversations going on within the retail world about people being able to buy in season, and that’s essentially what couture has been doing all along."

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