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Gigi walks to keep her butt pert

Gigi walks to keep her butt pert

Gigi Hadid loves walking to enhance her "legs and bum".

The 19-year-old star is one of the biggest names in the fashion world and with so many jobs, she needs to keep in shape for the spotlight.

This doesn't mean she pushes herself too hard though and something as simple as taking a stroll helps Gigi maintain her figure.

"I love walking. Obviously it depends where I'm shooting, but if it's safe and not too cold I'll walk home from a shoot or go for a walk beforehand, especially if it's uphill," she smiled to British magazine Look. "It's good for my legs and bum. If I'm in a hotel I'll use the hotel gym, but I'd much rather get room service and watch a movie after a long day.

"I love boxing [too] and absolutely hate going to the gym. Whenever I'm not working I go to Gotham Gym in New York [to box] - the trainers there are like my big brothers."

When it comes to food, Gigi enjoys tucking into pretty much everything, naming pasta or a burger and fries as her meals of choice. She likes cooking too and will whip up steak, pesto pasta or asparagus wrapped in bacon for her boyfriend Cody Simpson. Food is such a passion of hers that Gigi would even like to have her own cookery show one day.

Travelling is a big perk of her job and despite being a runway regular for the likes of Michael Kors and Moschino, Gigi still gets a little nervous sometimes.

"As I've been doing it more and more I don't [get nervous], but it's always dependent on two things: the shoes and the music," she explained. "When I have comfortable shoes on, I'm usually fine. Today [during New York Fashion Week], for Tommy Hilfiger, I wore lace-up wedge sneakers, so they were super-comfy. I was walking to Missy Elliott's Work It, which I love, and then the finale was Beyoncé's Crazy In Love, so I knew I was going to be fine."

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