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Gigi Hadid to design collection for Tommy Hilfiger

Gigi Hadid with the man himself Tommy Hilfiger
Gigi Hadid with the man himself Tommy Hilfiger

Supermodel Gigi Hadid is joining forces with top fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger to create her own clothing line.

The 20-year-old beauty had a breakout 2015, including her first gig walking for Victoria's Secret, and a memorable appearance at Hilfiger's New York Fashion Week show in September (15), when she made a splash on the catwalk in her Caribbean-inspired bikini.

Now, she's reuniting with Hilfiger to create Gigi by Tommy Hilfiger, which will incorporate both their personal senses of style.

"Global ambassadorships are a bit overused and not too exciting," Hilfiger tells The New York Times. "We're really doing something different. We're creating a line called Gigi by Tommy Hilfiger, using her style, her sense, her social media presence as the top supermodel in the world today."

The collection is expected to debut next autumn (16), and Gigi will also star as the face of the brand's campaign. One reason why Hilfiger is such a fan of the blonde fashion star is because her determination to fend off haters. Her curvaceous figure has triggered people to fat-shame her online and in October (15) she posted a lengthy message defending her body.

“She’s not anorexic,” he said of Gigi. “She’s a real woman.”

It was after her walking for him during Fashion Week in February (15) that he discussed venturing into a bigger collaboration. Gigi jumped at the opportunity and poured all her attention into the design process while in the studio.

“I ended up staying an extra five hours the first day,” she recalled. “I think they were surprised I was that into it.”

Her sister Bella and brother Anwar have also branched into modelling, with Gigi joking her brother uses some jobs to get new clothes. While she reasons posing isn't the toughest job, she insists she does work hard, especially to satisfy her fans.

“They’re there every day,” she said of her supporters. “And the real hard-core fans put in a lot of work to maintain that connection. So it means a lot to me.”

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