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Gigi Hadid tells Bella: 'Have fun with make-up!'

Gigi Hadid tells Bella: 'Have fun with make-up!'

Gigi Hadid has advised younger sister Bella to be more "adventurous" now she's signed to Dior.

The brunette model landed the contract of a lifetime when she became the face of the brand's beauty range earlier this month (Jun16). Gigi, 21, is also fronting a cosmetics company, appearing in campaigns for Maybelline New York, so had some pearls of wisdom for her sibling.

"So when she signed to Dior - well, I'm obviously so proud of her," Gigi smiled to Byrdie. "I told her that my favourite thing about signing to a make-up brand is just being able to be adventurous with it and have fun and try and be the best spokesperson you can be, which is by showing people all the different and fun ways you can use makeup. I told her to have fun with it."

The pair has always been close, with less than two years between them, and grew up sharing products and helping one another. At high school Gigi used to have a huge love of art, and used her sister's face as a canvas to experiment with make-up.

It isn't just Gigi's career that has caught people's attention in recent months; her high-profile relationship with pop star Zayn Malik has also been hitting headlines. While they are thought to have briefly split the pair are apparently back on now, something which the blonde beauty appeared to hint at during her interview.

"You know, I love cooking for people, and I love entertaining in that way, but I never had a boyfriend who could cook for me until now, and I'm really loving it! I'm not taking it for granted," she smiled, adding that she likes to change things up in the kitchen when it comes to her culinary skills.

"I always ask my friends to just pick something random, even if they don't know if I know how to make it. Just whatever they're feeling like, and then I just learn that night. I'm pretty good at pulling things off on my first try."

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