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Gigi Hadid teases Tommy Hilfiger collaboration on Instagram

Gigi Hadid teases Tommy Hilfiger collaboration on Instagram

Gigi Hadid has co-designed a collection with Tommy Hilfiger and she couldn't be happier.

At just 21, the popular model has the world at her feet, and while some designers take years to establish themselves, the California native already has her first major designer collaboration under her belt.

The Instagram famous model posted details of the collaboration on the social media site, sharing her excitement with fans over her new turn of fortune.

"I'm SO excited to finally be sharing the look book for my collection [email protected]! [email protected] extended and exclusive content for all things #tommyxgigi," the model posted on her social media account, along with images of her wearing outfits from the line.

“This is the first collection I’ve ever co-designed, so it will always be very special to me,” Gigi said in a statement on People. “Creatively speaking, it’s something that’s really true to my style—most of the pieces are things I would wear all the time."

In the snaps the Tommy Hilfiger brand ambassador is seen wearing high-waisted leather biker style jeans, a nautical jacket, and a nautical logo vest which intertwines the model's initial G with an H for Hilfiger.

Gigi's personal style has been lauded since she emerged on the fashion scene. And she gives much of the credit to her stylist Monica Rose, who she admitted often pushes her to try new things.

The collection includes Gigi's take on street style staples such as bomber jackets and high-waisted jeans as well as pieces that showcase Hilfiger’s classic Americana classics like nautical jackets and printed maxi dresses.

The blonde star describes the collection as her attempt to put her own twist on Hilfiger's long-established American style.

"We did really fun patches and added elements that we loved from our initial inspirations, but then we added our fresh twist. It’s still young and fun, still very Tommy, and very me!," she gushed.

Gigi and Hilfiger’s full collaboration will be revealed at the designer’s show at New York Fashion Week this September (16).

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