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Gigi Hadid's selfless birthday wish

Gigi Hadid's selfless birthday wish

For her birthday, Gigi Hadid asked for food vouchers to hand out to people on the street.

The blonde model turns 20 on Thursday, but decided to make the occasion about other people.

Rather than expecting expensive presents from her 18-year-old boyfriend Cody, Gigi had a more selfless idea in mind.

"For my bday I asked for @McDonalds (or other food) gift cards to keep in wallet to give to those I pass on the streets of NYC... (Cont)," she explained on Twitter.

"& elsewhere that are in need of a meal. I don't always carry cash & it's nice to know it'll be put to good use. (Cont)

"Thanks @CodySimpson for the first batch!!!! (sic)"

Fans responded in their droves, calling the model "humble and kind" and even declaring her an angel.

Gigi has become known for her friendly and infectious persona since hitting the industry. She's had immense success, bagging the role of face of Maybelline and Model of the Year at the Fashion LA Awards in January.

Maybe it's because Gigi knows it's about far more than just good looks.

"I think it's important to be yourself," she told the British edition of Vogue. "Let the world know your style. That's how style stars are born. These days, models get to have a personality behind the face."

"Once I'm done modelling I want to be able to do other things, definitely in the entertainment industry - maybe hosting my own fashion or cooking show."

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