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Gigi Hadid's pop infused gym playlist

Gigi Hadid's pop infused gym playlist

Gigi Hadid's let's her "mainstream guilty pleasures" out in the gym.

The 20-year-old model has made no secret of the fact she's dedicated to working out and it certainly pays off, as she's the face of Seafolly swimwear.

Reeling off her workout playlist, Gigi added that she is able to let loose while exercising.

"Anything that I can sing and dance to. Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Drake, Kanye West, Jason Derulo... it's where all my mainstream guilty pleasures come out," she grinned to

"I grew up playing volleyball and riding horses, so it was weird to move to NYC and just have to go to the gym and lift weights and run. I was so bored! I started boxing and it became my new sport. It's an amazing cardio and strength workout and I feel like I want to go to the gym whenever I can and get better."

She finds it "amazing" to front Seafolly and enjoys being able to bond with fans Down Under while working with the Australian brand. Gigi praises the pieces for catering to all shapes and sizes and can relate to the label with all the time she spent on the beach when she was younger.

It isn't just the blonde beauty's figure which is admired by others, her sense of style is also an area of envy. She keeps things simple when it comes to choosing her outfits.

"I would say casual-chic because I'm always comfortable," she replied when asked to describe her aesthetic. "I love mixing highs and lows, basic pieces with a piece or two that really stand out. I love great shoes and great sunnies."

She added that she feels lucky to be where she is today and loves the impact social media has to help her connect with fans around the globe.

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