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Gigi Hadid: Negative comments made me doubt myself

Gigi Hadid: Negative comments made me doubt myself

Model Gigi Hadid slammed her body shamers on Instagram because they were making her self-conscious.

The 20-year-old beauty is considered one of the hottest names in fashion at the moment, walking for the likes of Tommy Hilfiger and Versace during recent Fashion Weeks.

With her enviable curves and beachy blonde hair, Gigi stands out from the crowds. But not everyone views this positively and last night the star took to Instagram to post a long message calling out her haters.

“These are obviously also people that don’t think of you as an actual human with actual feelings, which I think is a really big problem right now in social media,” she told “There are people who feel like they’re able to hide behind their usernames and their private accounts, who feel like they can say whatever they want and it won’t affect anyone.

"I try not to pay attention to it that much, but it got to a point where I started to feel self-conscious about certain things - in the way that I felt that my walk, for example, is unique and I also felt like I needed to improve it. When you see that people are not only saying [negative things] but are saying them in a very, very hurtful way, you start to pay more attention to it.”

In the message, Gigi pointed out judgement on social media mostly comes from people who have no idea what they're talking about and that they should rethink what they are doing. She also stood up for her figure, revealing she doesn't see herself as the best of the bunch but that she works hard at her job.

Her powerful post caught the attention of fellow big fashion stars, who were quick to lend their support.

"I honestly broke down, I started crying at the multiple text messages I got today from everyone, from Victoria’s Secret models to plus-size models to people like Tyra Banks, who posted [the Instagram letter] and who is someone I’ve looked up to for my entire life," Gigi gushed. "Those are the people who really touched me because I know those are the people who are the most emotionally affected within the fashion industry by this type of criticism.”

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