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Gigi Hadid doesn't like 'overwhelming' fragrances

Gigi Hadid doesn't like 'overwhelming' fragrances

Gigi Hadid doesn't like "overwhelming" fragrances.

The 21-year-old model - who is the face of Tommy Hilfiger's latest fragrance The Girl - has revealed she prefers perfumes that are "light and airy" and can be worn for any occasion in both the day and night time.

Speaking to about her favourite scents, the blonde beauty said: "I love the fragrance's [My Girl] clean and fresh feel.

"I like a scent that doesn't overwhelm and keeps everything light and airy. [My Girl] is a really fun and flirty fragrance to go out at night but also versatile enough to wear during the day."

And Gigi - who signed to IMG models in 2011 and has since modelled for Victoria's Secret, Jean Paul Gaultier and Versace - has revealed she believes beautiful women are those who are "confident, warm and welcoming".

She explained: "To me, women are beautiful when they are confident, warm and welcoming.

"I am fortunate enough to meet some of the women I admired growing up, and the ones that truly touch me and continue to inspire me are the ones that embrace these qualities."

Meanwhile, Gigi- who is currently dating the 'PillowTalk' hitmaker Zayn Malik - has admitted she gets her beauty inspiration from social media.

Speaking previously, she said: "I am so inspired by people on social media. They have so much fun with makeup, and I steal and pick from them because I love their work so much. It's like art when they do makeup."

And Gigi - who was announced as the face of Maybelline in January this year - has admitted since partnering with the beauty brand she has begun to experiment more with cosmetic products and different styles.

She explained: "Since I started working with Maybelline, I've tried to be more adventurous with my makeup looks, and that comes with a lot of teamwork with my beauty team. We send mood-board texts and really try to do fun things.