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Gigi Hadid counts walking the runway as a workout

Gigi Hadid counts walking the runway as a workout

Gigi Hadid considers walking down the catwalk to be a workout.

After modelling designer styles during fashion weeks in New York and Milan, the American star has spent the past few days appearing in shows at Paris Fashion Week, including the Balmain and Isabel Marant presentations.

But while some shows only last for mere minutes, Gigi shares that she needs to be at peak form for her performance.

“My legs get a pretty good workout just from being on the runway... Even though people don't really think it–we walk on heels and the runways are really long!” she told “It sounds kind of funny, but it's true.”

To get in top shape before a show, Gigi does some stretches in the morning and visits saunas and steam rooms to get the blood flowing. She’ll also try to fit in a yoga class when she can, but avoids running when she’s in Paris because the city is a “bit hectic”.

On top of using sporty moves while modelling, the former equestrian and volleyball player has also made known her love for boxing. Accordingly, Gigi was a no-brainer when Reebok was looking for a new for their #PerfectNever campaign, which was previously fronted by UFC Champion Ronda Rousey.

In the marketing imagery for the American sportswear giant, Gigi, who is currently dating singer Zayn Malik, poses in a range of sports bras and leggings while standing in a boxing ring. And the 21-year-old says that she hopes the campaign champions the message for women to embrace their imperfections - along with their strengths.

"When I was a competitive athlete, I used to be so focused on being perfect that my coaches would take me out of competing all together. I'd focus on my mistakes which would breed more missteps - a domino effect," she said. "Until I learned to change the channel, to re-focus, re-set. It was my mistakes, my imperfections that motivated me most."

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