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Gigi: Fans are my pals

Gigi: Fans are my pals

Gigi Hadid tries to be like a "friend" to her fans.

The model has a huge presence on social media, attracting 4.3 million followers on Instagram and 441,000 on Twitter.

It's no mean feat accumulating such a substantial fan base and the 20-year-old believes she's cracked the code by being so personable.

“Girls become fans of models because they can relate to them, they like them as a person and they want to be their friend,” she explained to “In my specific case, it’s my job to share what I’m doing, so it’ll be about fashion or what I’m working on. The people who are following me want to see inside a world they wouldn’t otherwise be able to connect with.”

But it's not just her fans who benefit from Gigi's willingness to share - the fashion star believes a big online following is also the key to new jobs. And it seems to be working; among her career highlights is her current role as the face of Maybelline.

Next up could well be a turn on the Victoria's Secret runway, a brand that's made stars out of Alessandra Ambrosio and Miranda Kerr. Gigi did audition for the lingerie giant's annual Fashion Show last year but didn't make the cut. She takes the setback in her stride.

“I was working out every day and I felt my body was really ready; I was healthy and athletic, but I think the only thing that got in my way was genuinely how nervous I was," she reasoned.

But with the model describing herself as "persistent" in her career goals, there's no doubt she'll make it happen if it's still her dream in the future.

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