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Gigi: Don't like me? Book another model!

Gigi: Don't like me? Book another model!

Gigi Hadid happily tells labels to get another model if they request she loses weight.

The 20-year-old star is one of the most in-demand faces at the moment, having scooped the Model of the Year prize at the Daily Front Row Fashion Awards in January.

She prides herself on not letting success change her though, which is why she has no interest in altering her body to other people's wishes.

"If my body type isn't right for this and they want me to change, they can find another girl. For the Victoria's Secret show I will box and I will eat healthily every day and that's great. If they want a really healthy body type for that, then great. I am happy to do that. But if they were ever to ask me to go further - or any other company - no way," she told British magazine Hello! "You need to know your limits, to know what you are OK with and be happy with your body. I think that it's good to stand up to that."

For Gigi, variety is what makes modelling so exciting. It's also why she can't understand why people expect there to be rivalry between her and her friend and fellow model Kendall Jenner. While Gigi is blonde Kendall is a brunette, with the star explaining if one of them is right for a job, the other won't be, as they are so different.

Gigi is lucky that, even though her industry is obsessed with looks, she's never felt that kind of pressure.

"I have had an easy time with the whole body image thing. On day one as a model I was like, 'This is what I want to do with my career - I am not going to lose a certain amount of weight and I am not going to be extremely skinny, I just don't want to do that,'" she explained.

"I have always been an athlete and I have always had a certain body type that I have been happy with. I didn't want to let that go for a career. With any business you have to know your goals and realise that if you are not right for certain jobs, then you shouldn't be doing them."

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