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Giambattista Valli: My brand is brave

Giambattista Valli: My brand is brave

Giambattista Valli says it's expensive to be an "outsider".

The Italian designer helms his own label, boasting both ready-to-wear and haute-couture pieces, which he presents during Fashion Weeks each year.

What makes Giambattista stand out from other successful names in the industry is that he paved his own path without the help of a conglomerate or advertising, and it wasn't an easy task.

“I love the idea of being an outsider, but do you know how much this kind of freedom costs? It’s very expensive! I’m self-financed, self-everything, and I have to work a lot,” he sighed to W magazine. “Luckily, I don’t do this job to be a billionaire. I do it because I adore my complicity with women.”

He's always keeping an eye out for new forms of "elegance", adding that real grace and sophistication is "hidden".

Giambattista mostly works from his headquarters in Rue Boissy d'Anglas, Paris, and inside the building are his stunning designs along with jewellery from Luigi Scialanga, a long-standing collaborator of his brand.

The fashion expert has no problem getting big names to wear his designs, with Allison Williams and Rihanna just two of his A-list fans. But that's not to say Giambattista will dress anyone.

“I won’t dress somebody I don’t like,” he noted. “My list of nos is longer than my list of yeses.”

He added that growing up in Rome and all its lavishness helped inspire the creations he offers today.

“There was the populace and the aristocracy. It made me very comfortable with... I don’t know how to word it - opulence," he said.

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