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Giambattista Valli: MAC collab is perfect celebration

Giambattista Valli: MAC collab is perfect celebration

Giambattista Valli is not afraid of colour.

The Italian fashion designer is best known for his couture and ready-to-wear collections. But Giambattista is now branching out with his debut range of lipsticks thanks to a collaboration with MAC Cosmetics.

"We wanted to do something collectable for the ten years of Giambattista Valli — we thought it would be nice to have a collaboration and do something impactful," he told Yahoo! Beauty. "Lipstick can really almost change a personality or the face of a woman. My collections are always colourful. It’s my signature point. I’m not afraid about colours, flowers, patterns."

His vibrant clothing collections have been hits with stars including Rihanna, Jessica Biel and Amy Adams. Giambattista is hopeful that his lipsticks will be just as popular.

"I think it was the opportunity to collect a Giambattista Valli piece for everybody. It’s something that can really renovate your wardrobe, really adjust the colours on the lips," he explained.

The collection features five vivid shades of matte lipstick and a clear gloss, which gives the range ten different combinations in total. The concept was something that really excited Giambattista.

"I love opposites. I love the idea that with one you can do two looks," he said. "And just the gloss with natural lips, I think is beautiful too. And the gloss you can use it even sometimes up on your eyes, and have that kind of natural look."

The designer likes the idea of layering the products just as a person would layer their clothing. The colours match his collections and can be worn to complement the clothes.

"I went through all the reds, all the pinks, and all the tones that were used in the past and we put it all together.

"It depends on the attitude, it depends on if you’re big, if you’re short. I think the make-up is exactly proportional with dress. Everything can suit everybody, but it depends on the proportion," he added.

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