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Get the Burberry beauty look

Get the Burberry beauty look

The Burberry look is "super-wearable" according to make-up artist Wendy Rowe.

Wendy is the designer brand's Artistic Consultant and during her extensive career she has worked with some of the world's top models including Gisele Bündchen, Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne. While many would think models need to wear a lot of dramatic make-up, Wendy says the look at Burberry is a lot more natural.

"It’s about make-up that you can’t actually see. It’s very natural and super-wearable," she told

Wendy was happy to share with the outlet how everyone can recreate the Burberry beauty look at home. And contrary to popular belief that you should apply foundation with a brush or sponge, Wendy recommends using your fingers initially.

"When I’m applying my own make-up I’ll use my fingers so I can judge how much I need. I don’t want people to look at me and think I’ve got a lot of make-up on—I just want them to think I have amazing skin," she explained. "Fingers will give a light, natural coverage that allows your freckles—if you have them—to show through."

For Cara and fellow Burberry models Jourdan Dunn and Suki Waterhouse, brows are a key part of their look. While she thinks the size and shape is down to personal preference, Wendy did share how to get the brand's brow look.

"To create the Burberry brows, I use the Effortless Brow Definer to put in the individual hairs to make them look slightly fuller. Then I just brush them through. I don’t like to make anything difficult," she said. "A lot of people make their brows too solid by filling them in with an eyeshadow and that’s not what brows look like naturally. Some people like that, and that’s cool, but it’s not the Burberry girl. You need to be able to see some skin through them.”

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