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Georgia May's functional-but-fashionable Mulberry designs

Georgia May's functional-but-fashionable Mulberry designs

Georgia May Jagger created her Mulberry jacket so women needn't have a bag.

The model has turned designer for the British brand with a range of items including the jacket. When it came to the garment, Georgia made practicality a priority in the finish.

"I really love leather jackets. It's one of the most basic items you have to have. I find the problem with most of them is that they're designed for the look, not the comfort - a lot are cropped and fitted," she explained to the British edition of Harper's Bazaar. "But this one is made for every day of your life. It covers your waist and is big enough to be worn with a jumper or a hoodie underneath. And the pocket is designed to fit an iPhone. You wouldn't have to have a bag at all."

Her leather cross-body bags are also sensible as well as chic, with a long chain and small handle offering two ways to wear it. Again, the 23-year-old hopes fashion fans can appreciate the effort put into making the accessory so wearable.

"I wanted an easy-to-access bag for concerts. It's easier to have something to wear cross-body; you want to have your hands free. And then you keep it safe with the zipper towards you, so it's good for festivals or in the street," she added. "The flat bottom makes it look like a rucksack and means you can fit an awful lot in."

Adding even more of a personal touch, the star noted how certain pieces in the range would fit perfectly into her colourful home. While the walls of her house are neutral, everything from her lamps to furniture is bright.

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