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Georgia May Jagger's veterinary dreams

Georgia May Jagger's veterinary dreams

Georgia May Jagger wanted to be a vet.

The 23-year-old model - who is the daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall - has revealed her first true passion was veterinary science but she chose to go to art school in the end because she doesn't like blood or animals dying.

She said: "I wanted to be a vet. But I don't like animals dying and I don't like blood.

"I'm studying photography and went to art school. I make plaster sculptures and do casts of people's heads."

And Georgia has always had a strong focus on education, revealing she modelled during weekends when she was still at school so she didn't miss any lessons.

She shared: "I've been modelling since I was 15 but only at weekends as I didn't want to miss school.

"My sister, Lizzy, had lots of problems with her GCSEs as she was doing fashion weeks so it's only in the last two years I've modelled full time."

And despite being in the industry for a long time, Georgia still can't grasp the fact she appears in magazines and billboards across the world.

She added to the Metro newspaper: "I can disassociate a magazine image of me with myself but I tend to run the other way if I see myself on a billboard."