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Georgia May Jagger's recycled bikinis

Georgia May Jagger's recycled bikinis

Georgia May Jagger is making bikinis out of fishing nets.

The 24-year-old model is combining her love of conservation and fashion and collaborating with the label Volcom, who will be recycling unused fishing nets and transforming them into swimwear.

She told WWD: "I've got a project going with Volcom. They're getting fishing nets out of the ocean and making them into bikinis. I'm very into recycling, so it's a perfect thing when it's fashion and recycling. I think there are a lot more things we could be doing in fashion like that, and I think it's worth doing."

Georgia has also branched out into business and has taken on the role of a silent partner at her friend's hair salon, Bleach.

She said: "I'm going into business with my friend that does hair things, so I've learned. She's the one who's done my fringe - cultivated the fringe, as she calls it - so we're going into business together. Bleach is the company; they have three salons in London. I think they're going to open one in New York and hopefully it will come to New York and L.A.

"It's not the modeling because I have hair contracts, so it's only the business I am involved in. They're interested in my opinions, not in my image. I'm more of a silent partner."

Despite her fame, Georgia admitted she never wanted to be a model.

She said: "I was always not very into the concept at all. Even when I started, I think I was a little bit rebellious in the way that I was like, I don't care, I'm doing school - I always put education first.

"I do photography, but I'm not like, putting a rush on that. I want to do it in a different way - more, I suppose, artistic photography. It's like more people, less clothes."