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Georgia Fowler cried 48 hours 'nonstop' when asked to model for Victoria's Secret

Georgia Fowler cried 48 hours 'nonstop' when asked to model for Victoria's Secret

Georgia Fowler cried for 48 hours "nonstop" when she was asked to model in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

The 24-year-old model - who was signed to an Australian modelling agency at 12 years old - has admitted it was a "huge" moment for her when she was told she would be gracing the runway for the lingerie giant's highly anticipated catwalk show in Paris, France, on December 5.

Speaking to Australia's Harper's Bazaar website, the brunette beauty said: "It was such a pinch-me moment, I still can't really believe it actually. I cried nonstop for like 48 hours and I'm going to cry now."

And the star has revealed her mother couldn't stop the water works either.

Speaking about her parents reaction, she said: "She was crying. It was huge - I have been going for it for five years, so it has been a long time coming."

However, Georgia has admitted it "sucks" not being around her family all the time, and not being able to have them at home with her when she receives big news.

She explained: "It sucks not being around family, especially when you get big news and there isn't really anyone who can come over and share those moments with you. Or on Sunday nights when you don't want to go out or drink and you just want to slump around the house and you don't have your family to be around."

Meanwhile, Georgia has revealed it's a "dream" being able to walk alongside fellow models and Victoria's Secret Angels who she has admired since she was a child.

She said: "There are going to be so many amazing girls around me.

"These are the girls who were on the cover of my diary when I was at high school and now I'm going to be doing it with them. I still can't really believe it, it's such a dream."