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Georgia Fowler always sleeps with wet hair

Georgia Fowler always sleeps with wet hair

Georgia Fowler always goes to bed with wet hair.

The 24-year-old model has admitted she has started to "embrace" her wavy tresses and has revealed she has to sleep with damp locks otherwise her curls come out in a "really bad way" when she wakes up from her slumber in the morning.

Speaking about her beauty hacks, the catwalk icon - who is set to make her debut on the Victoria's Secret runway next month - said: "I have to wet my hair because it curls in a really bad way when I go to bed. So even if I don't wash it I've got to wet it before adding some moisturizing cream so it's not a frizz bomb.

"But I have really started to embrace my curls. I also really love John Frieda, a brunette shampoo and conditioner."

However, the star has revealed her beauty routine is "pretty simple", as she uses her Pawpaw product on her eyelids and cheekbones.

She explained: "My beauty routine is pretty simple. I have a new serum which I really like; it penetrates a little deeper into your skin.

"[I like] Pawpaw for if there's anything particularly dry. I love also using it as a make-up tool. I'll put some at the top of my cheekbones or on my eyelids for a bit of glow, and if your hands or your elbows or anything are dry, too, it's like an all in one."

And the brunette beauty has revealed her essential cosmetic product is M.A.C Cosmetics face and body foundation, although she prefers to go bare faced because she likes her skin to look "dewy".

She told Australia's Harper's Bazaar website: "My favourite look would be some the MAC face and body foundation but sometimes I don't even do that. My skin is pretty good and I think it always looks better when it's fresh. The minute you put on dry foundation it makes you look a lot older and dull; I like being dewy and young.

"So generally I'll just put some concealer under my eyes, around my nose and then on any spot that I might have. I'll use a bronzer as a slight contour and also put it on my eyelids as a light shadow. Then just Boy Brow: I always try to brush my eyebrows up and fill them out a little bit. Then mascara and maybe a little bit of highlighter on your cupids bow. People forget about that spot, but it can really pop your lips out."