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Gareth Pugh: Shows are coming home

Gareth Pugh: Shows are coming home

Gareth Pugh often feels like a tourist when he shows overseas.

The British designer is based in London, but has been showing his work at Fashion Week in Paris since 2008.

However, he's decided to bring his runways to the English capital and is over the moon to be back in familiar territory.

"In Paris, you’re dropped at a prep space and start to work. You don’t see daylight for three days and have no clear idea of where you are or where to go if you run out of thread. It can be quite fraught. The Häagen-Dazs stall at Gare du Nord became laden with meaning – going there meant we were on our way home! Ice-cream has never tasted so sweet," he smiled to British newspaper The Guardian.

"Last season we showed in New York, which was different again. I had been offered an opportunity to do whatever I wanted – which was incredible – but it still felt foreign. So this season I decided to bring the show home."

Gareth has noticed a lot of changes in London over the past seven years, especially how much more professional London Fashion Week is these days. The bi-annual event will be kicking off on September 18, showcasing Spring/Summer 16 designs.

Gareth, who's known for his inflated, performance-art pieces, has found his own work world has also evolved.

"I have been accused, in the past, of making uncommercial clothes. That has changed, thanks to a lot of support from Michele Lamy, Rick Owens’ wife and business partner, who has helped out with the commercial side of things since 2006. It’s been a steep learning curve," he confessed.

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