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Gant designer: How I make up muses

Gant designer: How I make up muses

Gant's creative director wrote an entire essay about the label's muse so he could fully understand him.

Designer Christopher Bastin can't overstate the importance of understanding his customer, particularly as there are three sub-brands of the label: Gant Originals, Gant Diamond G, and Gant Rugger.

To help him get a handle on who he is creating for, he went to great lengths to dream up a full character and back story.

"When we started Gant Rugger, I wrote a short story called ‘Who the hell is Chad?’ for that specific reason," he told "He’s this creative guy who dropped out of a prestigious university to pursue a career within art and photography. You know that kind of man that looks cool without even trying? Guys want to be him and the girls want to date him, he’s annoyingly charming, and always ends up being at the right place at the right time. Later on, we added Juliette, his muse and girlfriend, to the mix and we now know them very well."

Gant showed at New York Fashion Week earlier this month (Sep15), presenting a Spring/Summer 16 collection which was heavy on sportswear. Colours were kept muted, so there was a lot of grey, black, cream and blue, and lines were upgraded so slim-fitting jogging bottoms were teamed with smart blazers.

"American Sportswear is a big arena and there’s tons of inspiration to draw from, and coming up with new ideas on how to interpret the style we do is probably the best and most inspiring part of my job," Christopher explained. "It’s about everything from working on classic styles in new fabrications to a particular way of using colour combinations, silhouettes, and cuts. It’s also a process that creates a lot of anxiety since inspiration rarely comes when one needs it the most. My creativity thrives on anxiety, so it’s a good thing though."

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