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Galliano loves Molly Bair’s ‘alien presence’

Galliano loves Molly Bair’s ‘alien presence’

John Galliano cast Molly Bair in his Maison Margiela couture show after falling in love with her “alien presence”.

The fashion house showed its latest high-end collection as part of Paris Haute Couture Week yesterday, and Molly was on hand to open proceedings wearing a dark grey felt two-piece with pompoms hanging from the below-the-knee skirt and white powder across her face. Casting director Shaun Beyen revealed John was adamant about working with her as soon as he laid eyes on her.

“We do selective appointments with John because [he] is so busy working on the collection, he doesn’t have time to see 300 girls. With Molly, it went pretty quick: she came in, he fell in love with her, literally,” he told “He was very interested because she has such an alien kind of presence and she’s so fresh. Just as androgyny is open to interpretation, so is beauty.”

Character is also important to John, as much as the clothes are. It’s vital to him that the people he chooses show off his designs in the best possible way, and that he always brings something new to the catwalk.

That is one of the reasons why this time around the fashion house included men in its line-up.

“It was a challenge because, you know, there is the idea of androgyny, but androgyny in general is open to interpretation,” Shaun said. “We also didn’t want it to become a gimmick. It was a profound statement because there’s so much being discussed at the moment about gender fluidity and gender neutrality. I think the timing is right to play with that a little on the runway.”

Although John demands a lot when he is working on a show, Shaun loves collaborating with him. They always manage to come up with something new, which in the casting director’s profession isn’t always what’s required.

“With John, you really have to find the right characters, girls who can bring the ideas to fruition. So it’s a bit of work, but it’s fun, and it lets you go all the way. I personally did look at a lot of girls; I went through everyone because it’s not necessarily about, ‘Who is she, what has she done,’ it’s just, ‘Is she the right character for the dress?’” he said.

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