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Gabbana: We’re concerned with culture not colour

Gabbana: We’re concerned with culture not colour

Stefano Gabbana has addressed the lack of diversity on his label's catwalk, saying it can be hard to "find a Chinese Sicilian".

Stefano designs Dolce & Gabbana alongside Domenico Dolce and the label's aesthetic is steeped in Sicily. During an interview with fashion journalist Sarah Mower conducted at Central Saint Martins in London, UK, the pair explained this informs every decision they make. This was made clear when one student queried why there aren't more black models on the company's regular catwalks.

"We are Italian and we are not racists!... It's difficult sometimes to find a Chinese Sicilian. We work with Naomi [Campbell], Chiara [Francini], but sometimes it's difficult, a challenge because it's a very Italian brand," Stefano said, according to British newspaper The Telegraph.

The pair were open about all aspects of their business during the discussion, including what it was like to work together when their romantic relationship broke down in 2005. Although they admitted it was hard to have to see each other every day and talk in front of others as if everything was normal, they are proud with how they handled it.

"You know the power of love saved us. Because we don't live together, we broke up - but we haven't stopped. We think a different way, the respect for each other is number one. Our love became bigger. For me he [Dolce] is my family," Stefano explained.

The pair are used to some controversy, most recently after Dolce suggested children born via IVF were "synthetic" and then received the wrath of Sir Elton John - who used surrogates for both his sons.

They've also been slammed for some of the advertising over the years, with much of it deemed very sexy. It's not something which overly bothers them and they seem happy to continue in the same vein.

"We have many problems with campaigns because when you are politically correct, you are fine, but when you say what you think is true, it's very dangerous," Stefano said. "Today it's the same, everyone is politically correct. Be honest and respect people. It's the same with fashion."

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