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Fernanda Ly: People look twice

Fernanda Ly: People look twice

Fernanda Ly is used to people "side-eyeing" her because of her look.

The pink-haired model has found herself on the fast track to success after she was chosen to walk for Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year. She's still surprised that she's won so much work, as her signature style of mostly black clothes doesn't usually go down so well.

"My style is a bit Goth. It’s a bit weird modelling, and wearing girly, fluttery dresses that are all so pretty because I just wear black all the time,” she admitted to W magazine. “Everyone’s always side-eyeing me. My look makes people uncomfortable.”

Having to don pieces which she wouldn't usually go for isn't the only change modelling has brought Fernanda. She's also not allowed to get rid of her famous pale pink locks, which was a big shock to the system because previously she'd switch up the colour regularly.

The star was scouted while she was shopping in Australia, only deciding to follow advice and send some pictures to an agency because she was bored. She was stunned to be signed up so quickly and has since decided to take a hiatus from her university course so she can give modelling a proper shot.

"I’d rather focus on one thing than half-heartedly do two things,” she explained. “Modelling is something I can only do now, but architecture doesn’t have to be when you’re young. It’s a long career with a lot more school! I can always go back."

Fernanda hopes to score shows in all the fashion capitals, but isn't too greedy. Even if only one designer books her to strut the runway she's adamant she'd be happy, as she is well aware of how lucky she is to have any opportunity at all.

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