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Fernanda Ly: 'I was nervous to model for Louis Vuitton'

Fernanda Ly: 'I was nervous to model for Louis Vuitton'

Fernanda Ly was both excited and nervous when she was plucked from obscurity by Louis Vuitton to walk in their runway show.

The Australian beauty inspired a double-take reaction when she walked in Louis Vuitton's fall Fashion Week show in Paris last year (15), where her powder pink-coloured hair set her apart from a sea of leggy blonde and brunette counterparts.

On working with the French fashion house, the 19-year-old shared the experience was a thrill for the model who hails from south-west suburbs of Sydney.

“I think that no matter how many times I’m always really excited and sort of nervous at the same time," she told Australia's Vogue magazine. "I’m just really happy that they continue to use me.”

However, when she's at home, the model is keen to ditch couture designs for more comfortable attire and claims she "pretty much" only wears hoodies when she is relaxing.

With regards to her signature pink hair hue, Fernanda claims she is "very religious" about maintaining her colour as it tends to fade very fast.

"I use a lot of Moroccan treatments because I love them or ‘side effects’ because they leak that into my hair dye and bleach when I get it done at the salon and you’ve just gotta keep treatmenting it because of the condition it is and because it’s so light obviously (sic)," she said.

The model, who was first spotted in a Sydney shopping centre at the age of sixteen, adds that with her busy schedule she is also very aware of taking care of her skin and likes to use step-by-step solutions and regular face masks.

“I am really big with Korean and Japanese beauty products, because I’m more into the science based approach to skin care, and they do it the best," she smiled. "So everything to do with PH balance and no weird, mysterious magic that will make your skin better."

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