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Fendi unveils new watch line

Fendi unveils new watch line

Fendi has added a new range of watches to its offerings.

Designer Delfina Delettrez Fendi, a fourth generation member of the Fendi family, has already created jewellery for the fashion house and has now unveiled a line of wrist accessories under the title Policromia. The name derives from the Greek word signifying multiple colours and there's 20 models available in both 33m and 38m case sizes.

Customers can get their hands on white or gold designs with materials including mother-of-pearl, tiger eye and Delfina's signature-stone. She was inspired by Fendi's headquarters in the Palazzo della Civilte Italiana, Rome.

“Because the watch is so complex and the design is so complex, I was really focusing on primary colours,” she told WWD. “To me, the Fendi palazzo itself is like a huge watch. It’s a game of light and shadow and it’s home to incredible marbles.”

Delfina's last collaboration with Fendi was for fall 2014, with a second line of jewellery for the brand. However, when it came to dreaming up the watches there was a lot more time and effort put into the venture as she had more room for "contemplation" as the designs weren't set to hit the catwalk straight away.

"In the runway, we need to have more evident and striking pieces, you know, pieces that really play on the movement and play on different materials,” she added.

“No matter how you mix materials, I think you have this sense of movement and this sense of order also. It was all really about finding the great balance and compromise.”

Fashion fans will be able to purchase the watches from October or November of this year (16), with prices ranging from 3,000 euros ($3,400) to 150,000 euros ($169,000). Fendi Chief Executive Officer Pietro Beccari is pleased with the finished products and how they stand out from the label's previous offerings.

"We had a relatively simple range, so this one taps into a clientele that we probably do not attract today in our stores with something that is 100 per cent Fendi,” he smiled.

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