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Fashionistas dismayed by Christopher Kane’s Crocs

Fashionistas dismayed by Christopher Kane’s Crocs

Fashion fans have taken to social media to voice their dismay over Christopher Kane’s Crocs.

The Scottish designer applied his signature irreverence to his spring 2017 collection presentation on Monday (19Sep16) at the Tate Britain, which was held as part of London Fashion Week.

Dispelling the notion that Crocs - the plastic clogs which are popular with chefs, nurses and gardeners -are strictly casual, Kane paired the shoes with everything from pleated lame dresses to fur coats for a real high-low mix.

The Crocs were embellished with large raw gem stones, with the Colorado-based company developing four marbleised finishes and two solid colours specific to the collection.

But the footwear style hasn’t gone down well with fashion fans, who’ve taken to social media to comment on Kane’s “bespoke” reinvention of the ugly, yet comfortable, Crocs.

“If Christopher Kane just ordained Crocs as the new ironic shoe du jour I'm gonna lose it,” wrote Misty White Sidell on Twitter.

Another user added their alarm, writing, “I don't care if they are by Christopher Kane, Crocs are never going to be ok. You can't polish a turd.”

As did a user with the Twitter handle @IAMFASHION, who commented: “Not even Christopher Kane can make crocs cool. Adding geodes to them only furthers the embarrassment.”

The rock Crocs won’t be available to purchase in the footwear brand’s stores, but can be purchased from a select list of retailers which stock Christopher Kane designs.

Crocs estimates the limited edition line will retail for more than $150 (£115), much more than the average Croc price point, which is about $35 (£27).

Speaking about the line, Crocs senior vice president of global product merchandising Michelle Poole said the footwear style has experienced a “resurgence” of late.

“I think we have definitely seen something bubbling away,” she told WWD previously. “I think in the marketplace we are seeing more exaggerated silhouettes and right now is a time in the fashion cycle where (our) clog is starting to feel very fresh again.”

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