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Fashion designer Andrew Warren defends pal Tiffany Trump after death threats

Fashion designer Andrew Warren defends pal Tiffany Trump after death threats

Fashion designer Andrew Warren has slammed people posting threatening messages aimed at Tiffany Trump in the wake of her father being elected President.

The billionaire businessman's surprise White House victory on Tuesday (08Nov16) has sent shock waves through America and the world with many taking to the streets to protest the outcome.

Others have vented their anger online, though Just Drew designer and Rich Kid of Instagram socialite Warren doesn’t agree with the way people are handling the news.

“To start off imagine going on Facebook and seeing everyone you thought was your friend hating on you and saying they want to murder your family,” he angrily posted.

“It's fine that everyone has their stance and posting it is fine - but reposting things like killing Tiffany's entire family (including her) isn't.”

Tiffany is Donald's only daughter from his second marriage to Marla Maples. She has four half-siblings from her father's other unions to Ivana Trump and current wife Melania.

Aspiring designer Warren, who has known Tiffany since childhood and also counts Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s daughter Kyra and actress Abigail Breslin as close friends, goes on to say that he thinks political beliefs should be kept private.

Warren debuted his first line at New York Fashion Week in February (16), with 23-year-old Tiffany on hand to help him celebrate his return to the biannual event in September.

“I know people have strong opinions, but think about the time @tiffanytrump, who has been my best friend for as long as I can remember, is going through,” he said. “Never once has she personally done anything to offend anyone, and she is one of the nicest, most genuine people that I know. People attacking or hating on her should take a step back before knowing who she is and what her views are.

“This is not political and it is to remind people to think before they post things-I still have not once stated my political view… I'm just here to be there for my best friend - again not to start a political war. I just hope people can show compassion and be sensitive to the way others may feel.”

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