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Faris Badwan's footwear suspicion

Faris Badwan's footwear suspicion

Faris Badwan is "suspicious" of "experimental" footwear.

The Horrors frontman favors "smart and classic" styles and can't understand why anyone uses shoes to make a style statement.

He said: "I'm very suspicious if anyone who is experimental with footwear.

"I prefer to stick to smart, classic and British styles."

The 'Still Life' singer always sticks to wearing black as he looks "very ill" in other colors.

He said: "I like jeans that stop at the ankles and I love drainpipes. My favorite jeans are Levi's.

"I stick to wearing black because brown makes me look very ill, and I already have a tendency to look ill anyway."

And Faris accessorizes his jeans with vintage women's belts.

He told Britain's GQ magazine: "I usually wear vintage belts - this one is a vintage Gap belt that I found.

"I tend to go for women's belts as I feel they are more inventive than men's."

The 30-year-old rocker also thinks it is "essential" to accessories with a "good bag".

He said: "A good bag is essential and although I carry my doctor's bag everywhere, I need something bigger if I'm going away for a few days. Forbes & Lewis are great for leather accessories.

"In my bag I carry an electric-shock pen.

"Recently, I asked my friend Freddie Cowan for his autograph. When he reached into my bag, he got a sharp jolt. He was so angry, he threw the pen out of the window.

"With my wallet, I need a zip because I accumulate random objects such as cigarette bangers and miniature pens."