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Erin Wasson teams with PacSun

Erin Wasson teams with PacSun

Erin Wasson has created a collection with PacSun.

The Texas-born model has plenty of fashion achievements under her belt, covering magazines such as Allure and Esquire as well as walking for labels including Armani and Gucci.

Adding another string to her designing bow - she has her own range of T-shirts with quirky slogans - Erin has teamed up with the US retailer on a range called P.S. Erin Wasson.

With the theme 'Land of the Free', the pieces reflect the star's Western roots and fuses them with an Americana aesthetic, resulting in items such as an overall top and bell-bottoms.

“At this juncture in the road, I’m very close to this customer, the younger girl who’s very hip to what’s going on. I feel like I can give these girls that authenticity,” Erin told WWD.

“I kind of just wanted to stick to those things that have been true to me and then translate those pieces."

There will be 25 garments to choose from, priced between $25 and $60. They'll hit around 315 of the brand's stores on May 13 and mark one of PacSun's largest offerings to date.

“We have items that maybe we could see selling at PacSun anyway with maybe a little bit of a twist,” Heather Brown, women's design director, said. “We also have a Western bodysuit and normally we wouldn’t do a Western studded bodysuit but because we wanted that showstopper piece, it brings in a more fashion-forward customer.”

PacSun’s chief executive officer Gary Schoenfeld is also hopeful that Erin's style will help attract a slightly older customer, rather than their usual target audience of 17 to 24.

Erin is already thinking of future collections

“More than anything, I’m looking for this as a chance for me to build a brand and for this to be a moment of longevity,” she smiled. “[And] not just stick around for a couple of seasons.”

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