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Erin Wasson: 'My jewellery designs have evolved with age'

Erin Wasson: 'My jewellery designs have evolved with age'

Erin Wasson’s jewellery designs have evolved as she’s grown up.

The 34-year-old American beauty started her fashion career as a model, but in recent years has tried her hand at designing, with high-end jewellery line Wasson Fine.

Her foray into the world of accessories didn’t start out as high brow, but it naturally moved into that arena.

“I’ve grown up and I’ve evolved and I felt like what I was designing needed to do so as well,” she explained to Vogue Australia. “I went from making $40 rings to making $1000 rings. And you’re asking someone to believe in something that you’ve dreamt about and made real — you’re asking them to fork over this amount of money hoping that it makes them feel something and it makes them feel empowered when they wear it.

“That’s the beautiful thing about jewellery. It holds energy. It’s a different form of alchemy. It’s spiritualisation, you know. It’s scientifically proven that your energy is held within copper and silver and gold.”

During her modelling heyday Erin walked for many big labels, including Gucci and Victoria’s Secret. She also shot campaigns for Michael Kors and Tiffany & Co. and has worked with some of the world’s best photographers.

A catwalk career is a young woman’s game though, so Erin called it quits when she decided she was too old for that life.

“Because you’re not in your 20s anymore and you can’t keep running around the world like a chicken with your head cut off like you used to be able to do,” she smiled. “And you start making decisions for yourself more as you get older, and you create and cultivate relationships that you want to keep and there are other relationships that you could do without. And, you know, time to yourself becomes important.”

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