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Erin Wasson: I've ditched Mr. T trinkets

Erin Wasson: I've ditched Mr. T trinkets

Erin Wasson is over her "Mr. T mentality" when it comes to jewellery.

The 33-year-old model has a fine jewellery collection and she's previously created a line of costume pieces, but wanted to move into more expensive offerings after realising her tastes had changed. And by that she means she's lowered the amount of accessories she wears these days, joking she used to look like The A-Team's Mr. T - famed for his acres of thick gold necklaces.

"At this point in my life, I'm a creature of habit. I wear the exact same pieces of jewellery, pretty much every day. I'll change out maybe a bracelet, or add a necklace. But this necklace, these rings, and these hoops in my ears never leave my body," she told "Whereas, I used to take a whole Mr. T mentality to my approach of jewellery, where I was literally 12 bangles on each wrist, I had like four rings on every finger, I was like a crazy, crazy pirate."

That doesn't mean Erin has thrown anything away though, with the star explaining that one thing she loves about jewellery is that it's so small she never has to clear out her collection.

The star owns several pieces which mean a lot to her, including a pair of diamond studs her mother gave her when she became a teenager. She's also inherited items and much of her stash holds dear memories from life events.

"I think it's nice, if you're a woman, if you work really hard, and if you go in [to a store], and you know jewellery and it speaks to you, then you should buy it," she explained.

"It's funny, because I've always worn rings on all four of my fingers, and people are like, 'Are you engaged?' And I'm like, 'To myself!'"

When she was shooting 2012's Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer, Erin became obsessed with a ring she found in an antique store. She ended up buying it when the film wrapped, as it reminded her of the experience, and it'll always be a special piece in her collection.

"I liked that idea of personal celebration. When you're marking a time - I either get a tattoo or I buy a piece of jewellery," she said.

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