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Erin Wasson: ‘Find your fashion uniform’

Erin Wasson: ‘Find your fashion uniform’

Erin Wasson encourages people to find the “uniform” which works for them as they get older.

The model-turned-designer isn’t into following trends or mixing up what she wears each day. Instead she enjoys knowing what works for her and sticking to it, something she believes most people do as they get older.

“I think that with time comes simplicity and I think you hone in on your narrative,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “The older you get the closer you are to that narrative and your truth. I don’t know if it’s laziness or what it might be, but I think everyone can attest to the fact that you start to get closer to a uniform as you get older, and you don’t even realise it’s happening. There’s always an occasion to splash out and get dressed up, but on a daily basis I would consider myself the least stylish girl in the world, to be honest.”

Many will be surprised to hear the 33-year-old star’s everyday uniform is far from glamorous. She tends to spend her time walking her dog and with horses, which plays into how she dresses.

“Most days I get up, I walk my dog, I drive out to the barn and I’m in my riding gear walking around in horse s**t all day,” she said. “I live my life for myself and the way I dress is according to the life I’m living. I think the least amount you can spend thinking about what you’re wearing the more you free up the mind to think about far more enigmatic things.”

This outlook also impacts what Erin spends her money on, as she doesn’t really like to shop. She has more clothes than anyone could need "'til the end of their days”, so only really spends money on rare vintage finds.

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