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Erdem Moralıoğlu: I dress my sister

Erdem Moralıoğlu: I dress my sister

Erdem Moralıoğlu has joked he "forces" his sister to wear his designs.

The fashion star is praised for his fabulous feminine pieces and wowed during London Fashion Week last month with his silk, floral and lace garments.

He describes himself and his sibling Sara as "freak, weird twins", as they were the only relatives in their family to be born in Canada to a British mother and Turkish father, who met in Geneva.

"[My mother] had this amazing bone structure. She had blonde, blonde, blonde hair with grey-blue eyes. My father was dark, dark, dark with black eyes and black hair. My sister is like me but she probably has greener eyes," Erdem explained to British Vogue magazine.

"[Sara] wears head-to-toe me every day. I forced her... But my sister has such a strong character, she's completely independent. I would never be able to tell her what to do. We're so, so, so close. She knows me inside out."

Erdem was heavily influenced by his mother and her simple approach to beauty and fashion while growing up. She wore no make-up aside from red lipstick and Erdem found her subtle dabbing of Shalimar perfume by Guerlain "amazing".

It was his obsession with her wardrobe which inspired him to get into fashion, as well as his primal connection with his female twin, which gave him a better understanding of women.

"I've always had a link. It's an interesting thing when you're a twin of the opposite sex. Going through every stage of your development with someone who is the opposite is something I can't escape in how I approach what I do. I'm not afraid of women, of bodies. I'm not trying to flatten things," he insisted.

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