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Erdem Moralioglu hopes customers keep his designs 'forever'

Erdem Moralioglu hopes customers keep his designs 'forever'

Erdem Moralioglu wants his pieces to have permanence.

The Canadian designer is famed for his tailored yet ladylike pieces, winning over famous fans such as Keira Knightley, Emma Watson and Julianne Moore. Sharing his style rules, Erdem feels clothing should last a lifetime, not just a moment.

“I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of creating something that someone keeps forever,” he mused to Porter magazine. “Yves Saint Laurent really interests me, and the fact that you can take something of his made in 1967 and it still looks completely relevant, beautiful and modern today. I love the idea that something can have permanence. I hope to see a woman wearing something I designed seven or nine years later and it still looks right.”

Next on Erdem’s list is not to be afraid of embracing femininity as he believes it’s an “extraordinary power” to embrace.

Along with insisting imperfect is better than being perfect and that a woman needn’t dress up to feel attractive, Erdem shared how important comfort is in fashion, especially for those in the limelight.

“When you realise how someone feels about walking the red carpet and being photographed from all angles, it’s nice to arm them with something that makes them feel relaxed,” he said.

Lastly, the dapper designer urges fashionistas to dress for themselves, citing the vintage dress actress Martha Plimpton wore to the 1989 Oscars as a favourite style moment of his.

In his eyes, Martha managed to be fashion forward while staying true to her personal style.

“She was androgynous and it was so different to what everyone else was wearing, which was over-the-top glam,” he recalled. “The women who nail it at the events are the ones who look like an amazing version of themselves.”

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