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Emma Willis's make up struggles

Emma Willis's make up struggles

Emma Willis struggles to find time to do her make up.

The 'Big Brother' host - who is married to Busted's Matt Willis - admits raising two children and working all the hours leaves her with little time to treat herself to a makeover.

She shared: "I really rely on knowing how to apply make-up properly, rather than slapping it on and hoping for the best.

"I find that time is really short because I work and I have two kids so I try to - every few days - put on some tinted moisturiser so that when I get up in the morning, I don't have to put anything on my face. I also tint my eyebrows and eyelashes."

And the 39-year-old television personality - who also revealed she opts for a mid-length dress because it's "really flattering because it reveals enough, but not too much" - also opened up about her skin worries ahead of the winter season.

She told Femail: "The biggest change I notice in the winter months is with my skin. I find all the cold weather and central heating leaves it feeling more dull, dry and easily irritated. So for me, finding little ways to make my skincare routine work harder is my winter beauty priority."